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No matter what kind of domain you have for sale or lease we make the transfer simple and safe. You’re in complete control of your prices, modals, and how you interact with buyers.

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Fast & secure domain transfers
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A professional digital display window

Highlight your domain on its very own For Sale page. Think of it as a digital display window. For Sale pages are ad-free and crystal-clear. No room for confusion here! Buyers immediately see whether your domain is available. And how much it costs. We continuously update and optimize our For Sale Pages for improved conversion.

Sell it your way

Set your price

First, decide on a price. Now that the hard part is out of the way, people can instantly buy your domain at your fixed price.

Get offers

Price not set in stone? Curious about what buyers are willing to pay for your domain? Start negotiations with the Make Offer option on your For Sale page.

Lease your domain name

Lease-to-Own lets buyers pay in installments, eventually becoming the domain’s owner. Everybody wins: buyers can afford the domain, you get more and recurring revenue.

Generate passive PPC revenue

Put your unused domains to work! We’ve partnered up with to show relevant ads on your parked domain, while offering for sale options. We do the work, so you can sit back and monetize your domains efficiently.

Domain Brokerage Services

We have recently launched our brokerage service to democratize access to premium brokerage service for all sellers.

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Domain Transfer Service

Every transaction and transfer is in good hands with us. Our Domain Transfer Service is rated as the fastest and most convenient service available.

We continuously add automation to our domain transfer process to provide the best service possible to Domain sellers & buyers.

We happily answer all your questions about payments and technical transfers. Our Domain Transfer Team is extensively trained and can handle any type of transaction.

Highest Sales Velocity, Fastest Payouts

Pay us only when you sell

Sign up completely free. When using our nameservers, pay us a 15% commission fee (excluding VAT, only applicable for EU sellers) when you sell a domain. No more, no less.

If you choose not to use our nameservers then you only pay a 25% commission fee (excluding VAT, only applicable for EU sellers) when you sell a domain.

Bring your own lead

Brought your own lead? In that case, we only charge a fixed 5% fee per sale, instead of the standard commission fee. Pretty good deal, right?

Get paid your way

Once we’ve transferred the domain, it’s time to transfer your money. We can send it via PayPal, direct deposit, or other ways. Whatever you fancy.

Fast payouts

Get paid out within one business day after you’ve delivered the domain to us. No need to wait for the buyer to first transfer the domain. Verified sellers get paid even faster!

Easy-to-use, powerful tools

With an array of easy-to-use, powerful tools at your disposal, you’ll spend less time managing your shop. And more time on the fun stuff.

)Reach a world of buyers
Promote your domain to increase sales. Create a gorgeous profile for buyers to browse.

Tell people something about yourself, add pictures and background, and get your business going!
)Efficiently manage your business
Our platform speeds up your workflow. Manage your leads, edit listings and respond to buyers instantly. No matter your location or device.
)Park your domain
Parking your domain is free. We turn your domain into a clear and conversion optimized For Sale page. Which shows information about the domain, including availability and price.

Let our customers do the talking

We think we’re pretty great, but don’t take it from us.

I have been involved in dozens of transactions at and their support and service is always second-to-none. Deals get completed in lightning speed and their team are knowledgeable and will guide you all the way. As mainly a seller, it is a great marketplace and recommended if you're looking for speedy sales.

Andy Booth from

Without fail, the first thing I do when I buy a domain name is change the nameservers to The interface is clear and intuitive so pricing domains and setting options is a breeze. On the support side they're really responsive to questions and when sales are made the process is clear, simple and super fast. They make you feel like part of the team.

Leanne McMahon from

I'm a Dan seller since 2016 and they always deliver what they promise. Besides that, what makes Dan unique to me is that they treat domain sellers like me as their partner instead of a customer and they keep improving their service continuously.

Swetha Ych from

We get these questions a lot

Your burning questions about domain sales, answered.

How do I set up my For Sale Pages?

Settings up your For Sale pages is easy and can be done at your registrar. Just click the link below and follow the steps.

Read more: Your own For Sale pages

Is using Dan’s for sale pages mandatory
No, however we have the best performing domain for sale pages offered in the market. Sellers that use our for sale pages, observe an increase in total revenue between 40-90%, depending on the portfolio’s quality and pricing strategy. Also, by pointing to our For Sale Landers through our nameservers you will receive a reduced commission rate of 15%, regardless of if it sells through the Lander or elsewhere on Dan.
Are there any other fees like payout fees for sellers?
No, we charge sellers a flat commission rate which includes all payment processing and payout fees.

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